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Castro Valley Outreach Delivers Thanksgiving Cheer
CASTRO VALLEY OUTREACH: Hundreds of volunteers helped sort and box up food for Castro Valley’s  annual Outreach program, which provides holiday food for local needy families. Sorting took place at the Mormon Church on Monday, and deliveries were made yesterday.

By Linda Sandsmark
Volunteers were in high gear Monday and Tuesday for Castro Valley Outreach’s  24th annual Thanksgiving food drive. Approximately 150 needy Castro Valley families benefit from the generosity of those who donated food, time or both.

On Monday hundreds of volunteers from schools, churches and other groups assembled at Castro Valley’s Mormon church on Seven Hills Road to sort donations and place them into delivery boxes. Each box had a list of foods to include, matching contents to family size and dietary restrictions.

Mike Blevins, a church volunteer who greeted helpers and assigned them an area in which to work, says the effort is well with it.

“It’s awesome. We’ve had a great turnout, and lots of hands make easy work,” said Blevins.

Turkeys from Costco and bread from Safeway were picked up after the boxes were packed. Ray Harris, who spearheads Castro Valley Outreach, collected fresh produce at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning to add to the boxes, which were delivered in the afternoon.

Castro Valley Outreach also holds an “Adopt a Family” food and gift drive during December. Contact Harris at 889-7743 to donate. Monetary gifts and gift cards are always welcome. CV Outreach is a 501c3 charity.



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